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About Us

Our reputation for honesty, integrity, flexibility, and creative problem solving is well known, as is our ability to work closely with other professionals you
may retain such as senior referral agencies, attorneys, real estate agents and estate staggers. Our policy is to show kindness, caring, and compassion for
the families, along with respect for the property involved, and to make the liquidation of personal property as easy as possible for executors, conservators and family members.
Our staff understands the unique needs of those settling an estate, downsizing or moving. Since 2000, Dusty Old Bags has responded to the needs of families, executors, attorneys and business owners working with them to efficiently achieve their goals of liquidating the contents of homes while achieving outstanding sales results. 

Setting new standards, Dusty Old Bags has been an industry leader, remaining a constant force in combining over 60 years of shared experience in antiques, art, collectibles & household goods while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and unsurpassed customer service.

A family-owned business, Dusty Old Bags is privileged to serve your unique needs with the sensitivity and discernment expected from New Jersey's recognized estate sale specialists.


  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our sales.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To  generate the highest possible volumn of people at our sales.

A Couple of Dusty Old Bags  
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