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We have listed a few of the most common FAQ's we have received regarding estate liquidation sales and estate sale services.


Q: What is an Estate Sale?

A: An estate sale is the liquidation of a home's entire contents, often due to the illness or passing of a loved one. Hospitalization or long term care can be very expensive; in some cases an estate sale may be necessary as a means to help pay for these costs. In the broader sense, estate sale services may be used by individuals who are moving, or empty nesters who are simply downsizing. Typically, an Estate Sale will be conducted over a two or three day period depending on the size and contents.

How can I get the most value for my items?

A: First and foremost, if you are considering an estate sale liquidation we strongly encourage you to NOT throw anything out prior to meeting with us. Items of unknown value are frequently overlooked as worthless when in fact they can command a surprising return for you. Through expert care and knowledge, we value your belongings to ensure the maximum return is obtained.

Why hire a professional?

A: Holding your own estate sale involves a tremendous amount of preparation; far more than people realize. It will demand a great deal of your time, organization and research. In addition to that, there are numerous common traps to navigate which these combined conditions create, especially during what is already a stressful time with emotions running high and energy running low. Despite all your hard work and time invested, you can have little to show for your efforts.

What's the difference between an Estate Sale and garage sale?

A: In a garage sale, the owner typically chooses to rid themselves of unwanted items and puts them up for sale. Items range from children’s cast off toys and clothing to used miscellaneous furniture. This is contained outside within the garage and driveway..... Estate Sales are the sale of the entire contents within an estate. In many ways they are representative of someone’s life; the lifelong possessions of a person’s parents or grandparents. Characteristically, it is more out of necessity than a person’s want or choosing. As a rule, they are conducted by professionals contracted by the family or executors.

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